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Shift Manager needed urgently: APPLY NOW

Shift Manager needed urgently: APPLY NOW

Job Advert Summary

Supreme Processing has an opportunity available for a Shift Manager in the Production Department. The purpose of the position is to oversee the business operations, delegate tasks to team members, and resolve problems that may occur on the shift. The successful candidate will report directly to the Production Manager.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Grade 12
  • Advanced Certificate relevant to production
  • Food Safety qualification
  • Computer literate

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Assigning team members with tasks to be completed each shift
  • Setting performance metrics for team members and work with team members to ensure all metrics are met
  • Properly resolving problems and troubleshooting issues as they arise without the direction of management
    Managing multiple projects as well as staff members
  • Reporting to the general manager and meeting with management to review goals and metrics
  • Maintaining a work environment that meets company, legal, food safety and employment guidelines
  • Ensure the correct start-up procedure and handing over from cleaning team to production.
  • Liaise and coordinate with support functions to progress issues concerning production, planning and resource/skill allocation to ensure delivery of products to schedule within all relevant quality specifications
  • Ensure safe working practices are maintained and ‘Standard Operations’ are adhered to.
  • Be an active contributor in the preparation and execution of internal and external audits
  • Ensure that non-conformance is challenged, and counter measures are agreed and implemented
  • Lead and motivate the team to create a high-performance culture where improvement suggestions are embraced
  • Through the utilisation of lean manufacturing techniques, strive to exceed the company targets in productivity, efficiency, and quality on a continuous basis
  • Communication with logistic managers about any possible delays.
  • Ensure safety and quality standards and practices are maintained.
  • Monitor work attendance, health, and that safety requirements have been dealt with as per protocol.
  • Maintain good employee relationships up and down to floor level.
  • Maintain general discipline and address uncontrolled absenteeism.
  • Ensure effective communication within section and a clear understanding on requirements
  • Accurate recording of packaging used and waste.
  • Electronical capture and traceability.
  • Confirm production plan with Quality, stores, and dispatch.
  • Follow up on leave applications processed by HODs to HR. Confirm input sheets and allowances.
  • Verify overtime requests and do spot checks on overtime claimed.
  • Monitor disciplinary actions and consult with HR.

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