Financial Advisor required urgently: Salary R10 000 to R30 000 per month

Financial Advisor

Financial Advisor required urgently: Salary R10 000 to R30 000 per month

Cape Town, Western Cape
R10 000 – R30 000 a month


My Finance leverages on the unique model of lending solutions to Sectional Title Bodies Corporate and Homeowners Associations (Community Schemes).

By combining two of the lending models, Powered Wealth and Fortified Capital Plus, My Finance is able to assist our clients turn low monthly contributions into substantial long term capital using the power of compound interest.

What is Community Scheme Lending?

Community Schemes are responsible for managing their respective common property in the best interest of its members. This includes financial oversight of municipal charges, overhead costs, and general maintenance. Funds used to cover these critical costs are raised through levies paid to the Community Scheme by individuals who own units within the Community Scheme.

Occasionally individuals owning units within a Community Scheme default on either their regular levies or on special levies which leads to the Community Scheme not being able to efficiently manage itself and function effectively. Through the Powered Wealth and Fortified Capital Plus lending solutions My Finance is able to raise capital for Community Schemes.

Through this model the funding deployed by My Finances’ clients is packaged into a loan that is extended to these struggling Community Schemes, and the interest our clients receive from their monthly contributions arises from interest charged to these Community Schemes, and in turn defaulting unit owners, as part of the loan agreement.

What is a My Finance Independent Consultant

My Finance uses a network of Independent Consultants to promote its offering and sign new clients. In return Independent Consultants receive fees on clients they sign up. This is an amazing way to either become your own boss, or supplement your main income. Fees for successful client sign-ups is paid to Independent Consultants monthly and is dependant on the amount of contribution being made by the clients the Independent Consultant has signed up.

All Independent Consultants are governed by the Body Corporate Independent Consultant Association and all Independent Consultants will receive training and support before they are allowed to market these offerings.

Fees for Independent Consultants is based on 3% of the total the client deploys. Thus if a client deploys R100 000 the Independent Consultant’s fee would be R3 000.

Job Type: Commission

Salary: R10,000.00 to R30,000.00 /month


Financial Advisor: 2 years (Required)

Work Remotely: Yes

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