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Scaffold Supervisor / Inspector wanted: APPLY HERE

South Africa

Job Summary:

Scaffold Supervisor/inspector provides technical direction and leadership to Scaffold Crew. Supervise and/or direct work, manage daily schedule, and visit job sites to oversee work activities. Ensure that Scaffolding Procedures are established and followed, and those safe work standards are understood and practiced.

A certified scaffolding supervisor should be familiar with scaffolding standards for the type of scaffolds being erected, will be assigned for the fulfillment of the contract related job requirements. You will closely monitor the scaffolding erection to ensure that the erection is done in accordance with the approved Scaffold design and specifications.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

Ensures that all scaffolding required in the live operating plant is installed safely in accordance with the industrial standards and as per the approved PTW procedure.
Supervisors are responsible and accountable for ensuring that all work activities in their area are conducted in a safe manner.
Coordinates with project in-charge to ensure availability of scaffolds at locations where work is being planned to start to avoid any hold of work due to nonavailability of scaffolds.
Responsible for the support of company EHS and Quality policies and programs.
Select and identify suitable type of scaffolding for the safe execution of works in a live operating plant.
Supervisor able to understand scaffold Drawing (Plan/Sections).
Ability to understand and follow work schedule/plan and meet End User
Company’s deadline.
Prepare Method of statement and help safety officer in preparing Risk assessment.
Daily deliver Toolbox safety talk relevant to task performed.
Provide 24 hours, 7 days a week “on call” provides scaffolding support in the event of Plant Emergencies.
To lead a team of scaffold crew and maintain harmonious working relationships.
Overall coordination & responsible for erection and dismantle of scaffolding.
Co-ordinate with client representative internal departments to ensure scaffolding work as per priorities & avoid rework/ replication of scaffolding.
Supervisor able to propose and implement corrective actions for any nonconformity.
Provide regular and timely feedback regarding performance.
Regularly communicate expectations to crew with respect to safety, work
execution, procedures, efficiency and encourage open communication from team members.
Use and maintain the proper safety equipment and PPE at all the times in
accordance with the safety training, manufactures instructions and company
Comply with safety rules and regulations.
Be aware of the implications of legislation or other good industry practices, relating to the task at which they are based.
Initiating and completing all applicable section of the permit to work to ensure it is conducted in the most efficient manner.
Notifying the issuer of work progress and completion, and ensuring that the site is returned to a safe and operational state.
Taking adequate care to preserve the permit in good condition.
Providing and arranging all necessary resources related with performing the work.
Show a personal example of good safety practice. Ensure that scaffolder’s are
properly instructed in precautions to be taken, before they allowed to the start work.
Conduct daily work site inspection to identify and correct any existing unsafe
conditions. Document and coordinate the safety inspection activities and finding with job site safety supervisor.
Competent in motivating manpower to achieve maximum workforce efficiency.
Be able to work outdoors/indoors extreme cold or hot weather conditions
Inspect scaffolding materials after dismantling and signing tags.
Maintain the work area in a neat and orderly condition and cooperate with others in housekeeping.
Prepare and maintain daily (activity) erection/dismantling measurement records as per schedule job location, submit to client representative for approval, after completion of each job activities. After approval from client, all the measurement records submitted for invoice preparation.
Ability to calculate the volume of materials required to erect scaffold as per the job requirement at site.

Education and Qualification Requirements:

Good communicate and understand English (Read/ Writing).
Should deal with computer program MS office.
Previous Aramco Certificate is highly preferred.
Must have Minimum 8 -10 years site experience as scaffold supervisor in
Industrial Plants ( Petrochemical & Refineries) and Valid training certification
Scaffold Supervisor I (Third-party training authority such as TUV/Integrated
Training center.
Valid Car Driving license

Skills, Interests, and qualities:

To be physically fit and be able to work at heights and in confined spaces.
The ability to follow instructions.
A good sense of balance and a head for heights
The ability to work as part of a team with a good level of fitness.
An understanding of safe working practices.
Previous knowledge with safety standards

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